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Frøy Aagre

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Frøy uses Norwegian Design Dresses from Tulip og Tatamo









"Greatness often lies in compactness. No other country in the world has produced more prolific jazz musicians, at least when compared with the number of its inhabitants.
Frøy Aagre from Tønsberg is one of these rising stars from the land of the Northern Lights, and Cycle of Silence is her ACT debut.
Aagre’s “Nordic Jazz” tells of an expectant calm, sharpened perception and distances which give space to breathe. Her Cycle of Silence sounds calm and dream-like. Her warm saxophone sound and seductive lyricism captivate the listener and fuse naturally with the other members of her wonderful rhythmic group.
The composed and the improvised join to form a harmonious whole. Modern jazz elements are skilfully intertwined with classical music and special guests...
(From Cycle of Silence album liner notes)




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